Writer's Blog


This section is all about what I am currently writing. It will not have my actual work, although it may or may not have a short summary about the book.


1. Who I Am, Who I'm Not, and Who I Wanna Be is an auto-biography about me. And the best part about this auto-biography is that it's entertaining and funny! It just tells about my life, how I feel about certain things, and more!

2. Silver Spirit is a novel which I have been working on for more than four years. This is my ninth time re-writing it, and every time I do re-write it, it get sbetter, longer, and more intense. A girl named Sunny has learns that she has to become the new Goddess for the next one thousand years, and must face some important battles along the way.

I am also working on a lot of other titles, as well, but those two are my main books that I am really into. I know that I am into a book when I can write about one scene for at least four pages.

Keep an open eye on this page, as it will constantly be changing as I continue to write!