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Hello! Thank you for visiting the Writer's Blog, where all writers can unite with one another. My name is Mike Hall, and I am the author of several books, (which you can purchase), and am here to help you. This blog allows writers, poets, artists, and more submit their books, stories, poems, or pictures to the site for free! I, personally, for free, will edit your stories and books!

Also, I will, for free (price subject to change), help you publish your book! There are many, many sites that will try to scam you into paying them to publish your book... But the site that I have found is free! And it is where i get my own books published! The only thing you have to pay for is if you want to buy your book, which is perfectly understandable.

Please consider seriously signing up. You have nothing to lose. And just so you know, you do not have anything - ANYTHING - to worry about. Your story is completely safe with us. We DO NOT steal your story nor sell it to others. We only simply edit it for spelling/grammar mistakes, and then put it in the right kind of spacing and format so that it will be ready to be  published.

With Microsoft Word, which is what we use, we put it in the correct format, use the right kind of font, put page numbers in, make a dedication page, and MORE!!! For some writers, it is simply a dream come TRUE! And as said before, your stories are completely safe with us! We keep them in a very safe, password-protected folder, which is in a very safe password-protected database.


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